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Germ Buster denotes Bird Flu Free Chicken products. Any of our product with this logo denotes that the product (which is chicken based) has been fully cooked for eating quality. The fully cooked process ensures all the harmful germs and bacteria and destroyed during processing. This eliminates the need to guess cooking times and promote convenience cooking by reheating only.

First Pride Chicken Nugget

Chicken nugget is a fully cooked of small chicken pieces made from ground and blended chicken meat with textured soy protein, seasoning, battered, breaded, tempura coated and cryogenically frozen. It can be served as a finger food or snack. It is delicious to eat even on its own!



Home Spice Chicken Nugget

This is a hot and spicy version of chicken nugget. The chicken meat is blended with authentic spicy seasoning and textured soy protein to provide an appealing local appetite. It is also goes well with dipping sauce.


First Pride Fish Nugget

First Pride fish nugget is made from deep sea white fish with a special seasoning. The white fish is blended and form into 4 distinctive shapes, battered and breaded. It is well served with tartar sauce.


First Pride Beef Nugget

The nugget is made from imported beef block which is ground and blended with seasoning, onion and parsley flakes.

The blended beef is formed, battered, breaded and cryogenically frozen. This product provides an alternative choice besides fish and chicken.


First Pride Chicken Patties

Chicken patty is a fully cooked product made from ground chicken meat, blended with marinade and formed into round shape. The patties are battered, breaded and frozen. It can be served in a burger with lettuce and sauce.


First Pride Beef Patties

Beef patties are made from 100% ground imported beef which are formed into round shape and frozen. It is juicy and tender.


First Pride Fish Cutlets

Fish portion which cut into a rectangular shape, batter-breaded and frozen. It can be served in a fish burger or fish and chips with tartar sauce/ thousand island.


First Pride Fish Fingers

Fish finger is a snack item /finger food which is made from white fish which cuts into finger shape, battered, breaded and frozen. It is good to serve with choices of dipping sauce.


Tenaga Nugget Ayam Pedas

This is a hot and spicy version of chicken nugget. The chicken meat is blended with spicy seasoning, battered, breaded and frozen. You can’t resist it if you like spicy snack!


Tenaga Chick Filet

A breaded whole muscle chicken breast which is succulent, juicy and finger licking good!
First Pride
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